Quality PPE is essential for keeping us safe and prepared,

so trust us to put safety and quality first.

Eurox deliver exceptional quality and beautifully designed products at competitive pricing, with a flexible supply chain to respond to any change in demand. 

Eurox supply high-quality products such as Workwear, Leisurewear, Hi-Visibility garments to EN20471, Orange Hi-Visibility Garments, Flame Retardant Workwear, Outerwear etc. Our Supply Chain partners provide us with PPE Products that meet the latest versions of their relevant safety standard to support our obligations.

We specialise in manufacturing cotton, poly-cotton, Ripstop Nylon, FR and anti-static garments in all sectors, including Waste Management, Utilities, Transport and logistics, Warehouse and Distribution, Engineering, Construction, and facilities Management. Our range of products includes brands such as AQUA, TRAKMAN, TITAN & PHOENIX FR.

Head Protection

Eurox manufactures a stylish range of safety helmets. All products are approved to EN397 with a choice of different colours. In addition, a full range of accessories is available for all the headwear we offer. For us, we will look at trends with innovation opportunities with developing helmet covers that allow users to express their personal style while maintaining safety.

We will be looking at biodegradable helmets made from sustainable materials that will appeal to the environment and the consumers, as well as advanced technologies such as augmented reality and health monitoring features. 

Eye Protection

Eurox has a comprehensive range of eye protection, which consists of coated anti-scratch and anti-mist lensed spectacles to molten metal and liquid drop protection goggles. Eurox believes in striking a balance between protection, comfort and style; the type of eye protection used depends on the work being performed.

Our eyewear offering protects from the ingress of particles. This can come from activities such as grinding, drilling and any other such activity where airborne particles are possible. Some activities required will not just be protection from particles and dust but from impact, Radiation Protection, and light ingress.

Read more about our prescription eyewear on our services page.

Ear Protection

Eurox ear protection products will be all SNR rated and approved to highest standards. Our offering covers all aspects of protection from formable foam earplugs, pre-moulded earplugs which are made from plastics, rubber or silicone, canal caps which are a stiff band that provides a gentle force to seal earplugs whether formable or pre-moulded into your ear canal. Eurox complete range is including of disposable plugs, corded/non-corded and over ear protection. 

Our ear defenders are lightweight and ergonomic design with your comfort in mind which will keep safe to withstand the rigors of your work environment. We are always seeking out new technology that lives up to the principles of safety, quality and reliability.  As an example, Bluetooth enabled products can layer with other technologies which communicate from office to sites. 

All our products adhere to the customer required safety standards EN352, EN 24869-1, Those who are working in noise levels between 80 dB (lower action level) and 85 dB must be provided with suitable hearing protection on request. Where noise levels reach or exceed 85 dB (upper action level), suitable hearing protection must be supplied and worn.

Read more about our customised ear protection & noise surveying on our services page.

Respiratory Protection

Eurox respiratory range caters to all five hazards: dust, mists, fumes, gases, and vapours. Disposable masks, cartridges and powered air respirators are manufactured to the latest standards.

All Eurox respirators are tested in accordance with the European standard 149. We offer face fit testing to many of our customers nationwide, and these can be for individuals or groups. Our document system controls the procedures for us as a business to monitor and audit all manufacturing, testing, quality and technical requirements of all of our Supply Chain partners for respiratory protection.

Read more about our personalised face fitting services on our services page.

Hi Visibility Clothing

As one of the UK's leading providers of EN20471 garments, Eurox offers a wide range of selections in Hi-Visibility and Rail Clothing, using the latest performance fabrics. All Rail Clothing meets the RIS-3279-TOM and Rail track standards. We have a comprehensive range of High-visibility garments and have called upon vast experience to create a new garment. In a world of High-visibility workwear, comfort, style, and functionality are paramount. If you work in a dangerous environment daily, hi-vis workwear is essential to stay safe.

With new fabrics being developed and innovation, the demand for this apparel will continue to grow, and more diverse cultures require Progressive manufacturers to recognize we are amid an evolution in garment design. Most of this is led by the need for multiple functionalities and higher adoption by different users.

Technical Clothing

Aqua FR and Phoenix FR garments are produced with flame-retardant-treated cotton and inherent modacrylic fabric. Many garments in this range conform to the very latest ARC standards. When it comes to FR and ARC flash clothing, it is making sure our customers are safe and trust the protective clothing specialist. Eurox provides many industries with ARC flash and FR clothing, from construction to utilities and rail, which protects them from the dangers of electric shocks. We can provide an understanding of this with scope, test methods and calorific values all explained.

Foot Protection

Eurox has a vast choice of safety footwear, all conforming to BS EN ISO 20345 with options to suit any working environment. The footwear we provide goes through rigorous quality testing to guarantee consistency of production and ensure the products have the highest levels of safety, comfort and durability. We offer our customers a foot scanning service, leading to better-fitting and more comfortable footwear. Scanning technologies have unlocked new possibilities in shoe customisation. Manufacturers can now create personalised shoes that perfectly fit an individual's unique foot shape and biomechanics. Using our robust and strong supply chain, we can also provide bespoke orthopaedic footwear.

Chemical Protection

Chemical protective clothing (CPC) is worn to shield those who work with chemicals from the effects of chemical hazards that can cause injuries. It provides a last line of defence for chemical safety; it does not replace more proactive measures like engineering controls.

Eurox provides head-to-toe protection against chemical and hazardous materials, including full-body suits. We provide different types of clothing against various hazards, so it’s essential to choose the proper chemical clothing correctly with a comprehensive range offering which complies with EU and UK safety laws, keeping our clients safe from all chemical hazards.

Welding Protection

Eurox offers a comprehensive range of premium quality welding clothing and personal protective equipment. All of our products are Kevlar stitched and produced with A Grade quality split leather.

Hand Protection

Our hands are our most valuable tools, but this also means they’re at a high risk of damage and injury.  Gloves can protect and mitigate damage done by cuts, abrasions, chemicals and tears. Hand related  workplace accidents account for a quarter of incidents. Consult our Eurox experts to help you find the  best fit for your hands.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant PPE is crucial for shielding us from fire hazards, slowing down the spread of flames and  reducing the risk of burns. By wearing this specialised gear, like flame retardant suits and gloves, you  can work confidently in potentially hazardous environments. Stay protected, be prepared, and keep the  fire at a distance!

Cold Storage Protection

Cold storage PPE is essential for shielding workers from the cold, preventing frostbite, hypothermia  and death! Cold, high winds, and cold water, also contribute to cold stress on the body. Get in touch  and find out more about Eurox’s range of cold storage PPE. Stay warm, stay safe, and keep focused  in the cold!